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6th International Competition of The Slovenian Harp Association


Article 1

The Slovenian Harp Association in association with Fran Korun Koželjski Velenje Music School is pleased to announce:

6th International Competition of The Slovenian Harp Association. The purpose of this competition is to promote musical culture, exchange experiences and encourage musical education among young musicians from Slovenia and abroad. Students of public or private music schools, as well as students attending private courses, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies are invited to participate in the competition.

Article 2

The competition will be open to the public. The participants will be divided into seven categories:

CATEGORY A-c born in 2012 and younger

CATEGORY A-p born in 2012 and younger

CATEGORY B – born in 2011, 2010

CATEGORY C born in 2009, 2008

CATEGORY D born in 2007, 2006, 2005

CATEGORY E born in 2004, 2003, 2002

CATEGORY F born in 2001 – 1993

Category A-c will be performed on a Celtic – Lever harp.

Category A-p will be performed on a pedal harp.

Category F will be held in 2 stages.

Article 3

Advanced harpists, based on their own and their teacher’s opinion, can register in higher age categories. Competitor can compete only in one category. Registration entries are final. Programme and category cannot be changed once submitted.

Article 4

The competition will be held at Fran Korun Koželjski Velenje Music School, Slovenia, between 31st March and 2nd April 2023.

Article 5

The registered contestants shall perform at least two different works, one of which must be part of the compulsory programme (the list is attached at the link). Programme order is not defined. Obligatory piece in category F must be performed in the first stage. A copy of the scores must be attached in pdf format to the application.

Article 6

The programme must be performed from memory. Each contestant must have the original score of the performed works present at all stages of the competition. The jury may request it. Without the original score, the contestant could be eliminated from the competition.

Article 7

Each participant must register at least one hour prior to the start of his/her category and show his/her personal identity document.

Article 8

A piano will be provided at the competition. Accompanists should be provided and paid for by participants of the competition.

Article 9

The contestants shall respect the following programme time limitation:

CATEGORY A up to 6 minutes

CATEGORY B 10 minutes

CATEGORY C 15 minutes

CATEGORY D 20 minutes

CATEGORY E 30 minutes

CATEGORY F 50 minutes (in two stages, each 25 min)

Any contestant exceeding the maximum time limitation will have a penalty imposed and be deducted 1/100 point for each minute exceeded.

Article 10

The jury consists of at least three (3) members who are recognized academy of music professors, musicians or established persons in the field of music. If a member of the jury has a student entered in a category the student will not be evaluated by their teacher. In this case, an alternate member will be appointed to the jury. The jury member can adjudicate other competitors in the same category.

The Slovenian Harp Association will organize a meeting with the members of the jury. The schedule will be announced at a later date.

Article 11

If the number of applicants considerably exceeds the number published in invitation, The Slovenian Harp Association reserves the right to close entries before the announced closing date and/or refuse applications. In this case, the registration fees will be reimbursed.

Article 12

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to invite a contestant to enter category F. The Organizing Committee also reserves the right to cancel categories with insufficient number of candidates. Under these circumstances, the participant fees will be reimbursed.

Article 13

The decisions of the jury are final and indisputable. The jury can also decide not to confer particular awards.

Article 14

The president of the competition is responsible for resolving all misunderstandings and complaints. The president’s decision is final.

Article 15

Competitors or parents of juvenile competitors agree to the public announcement of competition results. Official registration means that a participant unconditionally accepts the rules of the competition.

Article 16

Contestants must achieve between 95–100 points in order to be awarded first, second or third place.

All contestants achieving 90–100 points will be awarded a Golden plaque. Those achieving 80 – 89.99 points will be awarded a Silver plaque and those with 70 – 79.99 points will be awarded a Bronze plaque. Any competitor achieving 50 – 69.99 points will awarded a Competition plaque.

Jury Awards:

– to contestants awarded 100 points,

– to the contestant with the best presented music composition,

– to the talented contestant from the category A

Special recognitions or special prizes may be awarded by other institutions and sponsors of the competition in agreement with the jury and the Slovenian Harpists’ Association.  

Performances will be recorded for the competition archives.

Article 17

The deadline for applications is 12 February 2023. The online application must be submitted according to the attached form with a photocopy of a valid identity document and proof of payment of the application fee. Payment of the registration fee in the amount of 80€ for categories A, B and C and 100€ for categories D, E and F must be transferred to the bank account of the Slovenian Harp Association (see details below). All entries before 1 December 2022 pay a lower entry fee of 70€ for categories A, B and C and 90€ for categories D, E and F. The entry fee is non-refundable.

The application fee must be paid to the following:


Bank Account Number:

Jenkova cesta 4

IBAN: SI56024260019202072

3320 Velenje





President of competition: Presidents of Slovenian Harp Association:

Boris Štih, prof. Co-presidents of competition:

Naja Mohorič, prof.

Katja Šumečnik, prof.


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