USA International Harp Competition – 2022

USA International Harp Competition – 2022

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Stage I

  • Andrea Marescotti: Mouvement

  • Choose one:

    • Elias Parish Alvars:  Sérénade (Op. 83)

    • Jean-Michel Damase:  Sicilienne variée

  • Choose one:

    • Manuel de Falla: Spanish Dance No. 1 La Vida Breve (any edition) ­

    • Carlos Salzedo: Jeux d’eau

Stage II

  • Choose one: ­

    • André Caplet: Deux Divertissements

    • Pierick Houdy:  Sonata for Harp

  • Sergiu Natra: Ode to the Harp (To obtain music, email:

  • Franz Liszt/H. Renié: Un Sospiro

Stage III

  • A free-choice recital of 40 minutes to include:

    • the winning selection of the USA IHC Composition Contest (max. 8 minutes)

    • one selection from the Baroque period (any length, any edition)

Stage IV

  • Gabriel Pierné:  Concertstück  (Op. 39)

  • Free choice encore solo to be played after the concerto (max. 8 minutes)

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